8 Steps to Prepare for a Job Search in Missoula MT

Starting a job search in Missoula MT? These eight steps are a great place to start so you can get ready to accept a new job at Garden City!

job search in Missoula MT
job search in Missoula MT

1. Create a Clean Online Presence

Social media and online profiles can either be great assets or liabilities for potential employees during their job search in Missoula MT. Many employers take a peek at their new job candidates and what they put out to their world of friends and acquaintances, so you’ll want to take a look at what your public profile says about you. While many social media platforms may be more personal than professional, it’s worth it to look at the things you’re sharing and the pictures you’re posting from the perspective of an employer.

If you don’t have social media profiles, it’s a good idea to create one. According to CareerBuilder, a majority of employers looking for new hires want to find their candidates on social media and use it to confirm information you’ve already provided to them. If you’re not interested in the personal nature of Facebook, try one geared towards connecting professionally with LinkedIn. There you can put a searchable resume up and connect with businesses and colleagues and even search for jobs directly on the site.

2. Gather Interview-Friendly Outfits

Step two for your job search in Missoula MT is: check your closet! No matter what line of work you’re in, first impressions matter and the outfit you choose to arrive in says a lot about you before you ever say a word. Keep it professional and clean and make sure you have a couple of options in case you need to go on multiple interviews with the same company. For a job search in Missoula MT, business casual is your best, safe bet!

job search in Missoula MT transportation

3. Have a Professional Voice Mail Message

Do you remember when you last recorded your voice mail message? If it’s been a while, hit the play back button and see if it’s time for an update. While you’re working on a job search in Missoula MT, you will want to have a clear, concise voice mail message that includes your name and an appropriate greeting that any potential employer will understand.  Keep it clear, simple and to the point and be sure to listen to it once you’re done to be sure it sounds the way you like.

4. Secure Your Transportation

Every job will require some kind of transportation, so be sure you’re ready for what it will take. All of the employers in your job search in Missoula MT will be looking for reliable workers with reliable forms of transportation to get to each job, and it will start with getting to your interview on time. If you’re going to drive, don’t wait until the morning of your interview to fill that gas tank on “E”, and if you’re going to take public transportation make sure to check the schedules. Most importantly, always plan to get to the meeting place early in case of unforeseen delays in traffic or the line at the coffee shop.

job search in Missoula MT references

5. Gather Your References

If you want to land the job, be sure to take some time to think through the best people to include on your list of references. Friends and family may seem like an obvious or easy choice, but the best references to help you in your job search in Missoula MT are more likely people you have worked for or with in the past: former employers, supervisors, teachers or coworkers can all make great references. They can give examples of your work ethic and skills that can be applicable to the job you’re applying for. Be sure to get personal permission from each person you list. It’s not only courteous, but it will help give them time to prepare for a phone call.

6. Interview Practice

You never know what questions a potential employer may ask at an interview, but you can certainly prepare ahead! While you’re on your job search in Missoula MT, imagine what kinds of questions you may be asked related to you as a person, your experience and skill levels and write down some notes as you practice your answers. You can even record yourself by video if you’d like to listen back, or practice in a mirror. Many websites are good resources to find lists that have been gathered of the most common to the most interesting questions asked during an interview. Here’s a link to one list of 100 questions employers may ask.

7. Bookmark your Favorite Job Classifieds and Resources

No matter how long you’ve been doing a job search in Missoula MT, it’s always good to keep resources at your fingertips. Online searches are a great place to start. Sites like Indeed.com, Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com and LinkedIn are great places to start. You can also go directly to a local paper, The Missoulian, for the current classifieds they’re running.

plan job search in Missoula MT
plan job search in Missoula MT

8. Create an Application Action Plan

A job search in Missoula MT works best when you make a plan. Determine how much time you want to devote to job searching each day and set goals of how many jobs you want to apply to each day or week. Keep an organized record of each application so you can make a follow up plan with the businesses. Not only will that help you remember what you’ve already sent, but following up with the applications will show prospective employers that you’re on top of things and can set you apart from the pile of other candidates they’re sifting through.

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