Air Conditioner Repair – It’s Time For a Tune Up

Spring has sprung and summer will soon take over. Handle your air conditioner repair before your home is left in a hot and sticky situation. It’s time for a tune up!

air conditioner repair services
air conditioner repair services

Common Problems that Lead to Air Conditioner Repair

You can call our Comfort Consultants for quick solutions. We handle everything from routine HVAC tune ups to 24/7 emergency air conditioner repairs. Before it becomes a problem, dust off your A/C unit and crank it up. Do a few tests runs in early spring to uncover any air conditioner repair problems that can be fixed now.

Here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

  • Air conditioner unit or HVAC system simply doesn’t turn on
  • Unusual noises and vibrations when the unit is turned on
  • Weird Smells
  • Excessive heat or fumes coming from the unit
  • Pools of water
  • Humming like it’s working but the fan isn’t circulating cool air
  • Fan running but no compressor for cool air  

Don’t ignore the signs or else you might be looking at an emergency air conditioner repair situation. If you notice any of these problems, we can help you. Just give us a call and our team will show up to figure out what’s wrong and offer you the best options to getting it fixed ASAP.

air conditioner repair power source
air conditioner repair power source

Air Conditioner Repair Service Explained

When you did a test run, did you find one of the problems listed above? Now you know that something is wrong with your air conditioner but what’s the cause of this problem? Our team works diligently to get answers to your questions and tips for the future so this won’t happen again.

Here’s a list of what we usually find to be the problem:

No Power

Electricity is not getting to the unit. This could be because of wiring problems, a tripped breaker, or a system that overheated and automatically shut down. Our air conditioner repair technicians can fix the wiring, reset a circuit breaker, and check for blockages that would cause overheating. Sometimes blockage can be an easy fix like keeping vegetation trimmed around the unit.

Old and Worn Out Parts

Like cars, our heating and cooling units need regular check ups to keep them running longer and better. Old and worn out parts like squealing from a fan could mean the belt is about to snap. No belt, no cool air circulation. Get that tune up now to see if you need any minor parts replacements before cause for something bigger comes up.  

Refrigerant Leaks

Water around the unit along with a hissing sound usually means there is a leak. While your unit still works with a leak, it can weaken its power and increase your utility bills. Piping is likely to be replaced to stop the leak and bring your cooling system back to high efficiency.

air conditioner repair before summer
air conditioner repair before summer

Busted Coils

The common cause for a busted evaporator coil is because it actually becomes frozen. A frozen coil makes the outgoing air feel warm. Night time continual use, low refrigerant levels, and bad air circulation are all examples of how a coil can become frozen. Preventing this in the future might require a few changes to your cooling routine.

Faulty Parts

Whether your system is old or new, there’s always a possibility that a compressor or fan motor might have had a fault during manufacturing or installation. It got you this far but has now failed. The compressor makes the cool air and the fan pumps it out. The two need to be in tip top shape for the best efficiency. A faulty part might just be a simple fix or a replacement. Do note that a new compressor is the most expensive part to replace on an air conditioner.

Clogged Drain

Occasionally your system pipes and drains need a flush. All kinds of debris can build up in there over time like dirt, dead insects, and algae causing a clog. Our technicians will not only unclog the drains but recommend chemicals like algaecide to help prevent this from happening again.

Garden City air conditioner repair technicians are equipped to bring comfort back to your home quickly and safely. In the meantime, we also recommend you check out Lennox’s tips for beating the heat while you wait for your air conditioner repair service.

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air conditioner repair
air conditioner repair

Hire Top Air Conditioner Repair Contractors

When it’s time to hire a contractor, make sure they meet the criteria for top Missoula air conditioning contractors. Here at Garden City, we have the required licenses, certifications, loads of great customer reviews, quick service, and more. Perhaps it’s also having over three decades of experience in the business that helps keep us at the top of Missoula Plumbing and HVAC Commercial and Residence Repair Contractors lists. We’ll give you our honest professional opinion about whether your air conditioner is due for just a check up, repair, or replacement.

If it’s a replacement you need, our team will guide you through the air conditioner contractor process from what are the costs, what’s the timeline, what system is right for my home or business, and what’s the proper maintenance. We look forward to serving you and finding the best solution for bringing fast comfort to your home or business.

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