Call the Comfort Consultants at Garden City HVAC

Our Comfort Consultants at Garden City Plumbing & Heating know what to do to make your home and workplace more comfortable, and also more affordable to maintain. Let us help you figure out what HVAC improvements and services that you need to help you breathe easy, even when the electric bill arrives!

Comfort Consultants - Garden City HVAC - Breathe Easy
Comfort Consultants – Garden City HVAC – Breathe Easy

Make Your Indoor Spaces More Comfortable

How much time do you spend indoors? Between work and doing household chores, and the time you spend sleeping in your bed, you probably spend more than two-thirds of you day inside. Make sure your indoor spaces are set at a proper temperature and well ventilated so you can feel comfortable and breathe easily. It is amazing how simple and easy it is to get what you need at the right price when you have the best HVAC service providers. With the advice and help from our Comfort Consultants at Garden City HVAC, you’ll love being indoors!

Temperature Regulation by Comfort Consultants

Do some rooms in your home or office feel hotter or cooler than others? It might be time to have our Comfort Consultants do an analysis of your space to find out what needs to be adjusted for proper zone control. Our experts can track down any motorized parts that could be stuck or a control panel that needs new wires. It’s also possible that you just need a new thermostat. Based on your situation, your Comfort Consultants will share the available options. If it’s the thermostat that needs replaced, you might be interested in the benefits and accessibility of a high tech unit controlled through WiFi, or perhaps a new manual control unit is good enough to do the trick.

Air Quality Improvements

If your temperatures are regulated well but something is still hindering the comfort level of your indoor spaces, ask our Comfort Consultants to check the air quality. We can determine if the air is to dry or too humid and help you find the best solution for either issue. From humidifiers and air filters to fixing poorly sealed ductwork or installing ductless heat pumps in isolated areas, you’ll find that proper ventilation is a key to indoor comfort. Along with a high quality air filter, Comfort Consultants will know just what to do to ensure that allergies, asthma or sinus congestion won’t be aggravated and can even be relieved by your indoor climate. With a scheduled appointment, our Comfort Consultants can check it all!

Comfort Consultants- Imrove the Air Quality with Garden City HVAC
Comfort Consultants- Imrove the Air Quality with Garden City HVAC

Making Comfort More Affordable

As much as we all want comfort, we also want to lower our utility bills. Our Garden City HVAC Comfort Consultants can tell you how to cut down on energy costs without much effort on your part. Here are a few tips to take into account!

Set Your Air Conditioning and Heating Systems to a Timer

The minimal costs and time it takes to regulate your air conditioning and heating well will not only help you find the best comfort level but will also help cut down on energy costs all around. Thermostat models vary, but they all should have programmable features built in. If yours doesn’t, speak with our Comfort Consultants about upgrading to a programmable model that you can set to change for anytime of the day or night. Planning ahead can help avoid unnecessary costs for cooling or heating your home when no one is home. Set temperatures based on your daily schedule. Every little bit can add or subtract from cost of energy usage on your bill, and that includes every extra degree you turn up or down on your system.

Decrease Costs with Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

It may go without saying, but an old well-worn unit, or one that’s just not built for efficiency, will have a negative impact on your bills every month. Sacrificing efficiency to pinch pennies is not even worth considering when you realize just how quickly the monthly energy savings of an efficient unit will pay you back. If it’s time to replace that old AC unit or furnace there are plenty of options, and your professional will go over the possibilities with you. Many power companies also offer rebates and incentives for upgrading your system, so it doesn’t have to cost you full price! Our Comfort Consultants will work with you to help find the best deals and give you the information to find out which programs you quality for. Then, they can share with you how to invest in quality, energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners that will last for years to come.

Comfort Consultants Can Help Lower Utility Bills
Comfort Consultants Can Help Lower Utility Bills

Take Advantage of Financing Options with Garden City HVAC

Whether you need a new heating or cooling unit right away or are planning for one in the near future, call our Comfort Consultants to talk about the financing options available to you. Buying a new heating or cooling system doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Let us know what you’re looking for and your concerns, and we can find the options best suited for the size of your living space and your other specific needs.

Comfort Consultants - Schedule a Home Energy Audit
Comfort Consultants – Schedule a Home Energy Audit

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

Until an HVAC professional takes a look at your home or office, it’s hard to say what needs to be tweaked or updated in your heating and cooling systems. The best course of action is making a quick call to our Comfort Consultants for an energy audit, or you can even schedule an appointment online. Let us take the guesswork out of the problem and help you find the level of comfort you’ve been searching for!