Handle the Big Jobs: Missoula Commercial Heating

Missoula Commercial Heating

Missoula commercial heating is one of the most sizeable investments a local builder will make. From the unit itself to the installation process and the contractors, there are some big decisions to make. Be informed so you can make the right choices for your property!

How to Choose a Missoula Commercial Heating Company

Because of the number of heating companies in the area, it is even more important to know what to look for. Here are some helpful tips on how to select a great Missoula commercial heating company.


The Angie’s List website states that experience is necessary for comfort and safety. Regardless of how you look at it, experience usually determines who the winner is. When your business name is known in the industry, it’s easier to stay top of mind and build a bigger pool of customers. Experienced contractors are more equipped to handle a range of situations because they’ve probably handled something just like it before. Missoula commercial heating specialists should be thoroughly trained and have experience working with various types of HVAC units. We all know the saying “practice makes perfect” and that is why we can trust an experienced professional who’s been working on these types of projects for years.


Good business management goes beyond providing a quality service, but also setting a price that’s appropriate for the market. A good heating company will deliver a high standard of work at a reasonable price. Just be aware of the companies who “race to the bottom” when it comes to pricing. Offering the cheapest rates doesn’t mean that the service or products are worth your investment. Quality is more important than price when it comes to a business property. You need your commercial HVAC installation to be done correctly, in a timely fashion, and using a heating and cooling system that’s built to last a long time. The less your commercial facility needs maintenance, the more productive your business can be. Make sure that the low price does not compromise the quality of the work and materials to be used. Smarter House suggests that the lowest price should never be the reason for choosing a contractor.

Range of Services

Any good commercial heating company will provide a variety of services beyond just basic installation and repair. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to heating, so the company that you hire should be able to deal with a broad range of HVAC-related problems. Among the services that the best Missoula commercial heating companies can handle are: gas and oil furnaces, heat pumps, radiant in-floor heating, ductless heating systems, indoor air quality, home energy audits, zone control, geothermal and ground source system, duct sealing, thermostat, maintenance, replacement estimates, and economical upgrades.

Warranty and Insurance

A professional heating company should be expected to offer product warranties and full insurance coverage. This will protect customers and give them peace of mind, knowing that should anything go wrong that is out of their control, they will spared the expense of correcting the issue.

Satisfied Customers

If your business has a corporate office, they may have already selected contractors for you to work with; but if it’s up to you, then you’d better start looking around. To get some help choosing a new contractor for your business, reviews and referrals will always be your safest bet. Nothing beats the honest words of a real customer. Look on the company’s website for testimonials but also check industry-specific websites and databases and listings on the Better Business Bureau. You can even ask the company that you’re considering for some customer references, or ask other locals for a referral. Ultimately, asking other business owners in your corner of Montana is the best way to approach things like hiring a new Missoula commercial heating contractor.

Missoula Commercial Heating

Steps in Hiring a Missoula Commercial Heating Company

Here are some steps to take before hiring a Missoula commercial heating company:

Step 1: Contact the Missoula Commercial Heating Company

Making contact with a commercial heating company is the first step in addressing your heating needs. You have several options if you wish to make contact with a heating company. You can make a phone call or send an email. You could even visit the company’s office personally, if that option is available. Making contact is the first step because you need to get some answers and it’s always wise to feel out the customer service before jumping into a huge installation project. If getting solid answers or getting in touch is a problem from the start then you might want to keep on looking!

Step 2: Be sure the Company Specializes in Commercial Heating

If your installation or repair project is for an office building or commercial property, you need to hire a company that’s experienced with doing Missoula commercial heating work. Avoid the trap of hiring someone who is under-qualified or understaffed. It could turn into a major headache if they don’t know what they’re doing, or they don’t have the capacity to finish the project in a timely fashion.

Step 3: Ask for a Written Estimate

Every heating company can provide a general quote, but you should get a written estimate before starting any major projects at a commercial property. Have a technician come out to see the space to take measurements and evaluate the ventilation setup. Get your estimate in writing and go from there. The estimate should have a detailed breakdown of how much every aspect of the job will cost. This will help you to d

etermine if you are getting your money’s worth, or if they’re likely to rip you off.

Step 4: Critically Examine your Options

Although no one expects a property manager or business owner to take a crash course in HVAC, it is always wise to have a basic understanding of what is needed and what is appropriate. That’s how you prevent being taken advantage of, and it’s also going to prepare you for managing these things in the future. Reading a few industry-specific articles about commercial heating will help you to keep things in good working order.

Knowing something about commercial heating will put you in a better position to weigh your options and choose the best one for your space. Learn enough about your space and usage to make an educated decision on:

  • Type of commercial heating unit
  • Brands to gravitate towards or avoid
  • Best practices for temperature control and shutting on/off
  • How to lower the cost of your utility bill

Missoula Commercial HeatingStep 5: Hire Missoula Commercial Heating

After you have analyzed the estimate, reviewed your options, and decided on what will work best for you, you’ll be ready to hire a Missoula Commercial heating Company. Energy Star suggests that you ‘get it in ink.’ This means that for your protection ensure you sign a written contract on the cost of the job, what will be done, and the time frame. Monitor their progress and after the job is done, don’t forget to write a review online so you can help others to make a good choice for themselves!

Get Warm and Toasty!

The Missoula commercial heating company that you choose to hire will either do great work that’s worth every penny or they’ll give you a headache that you’ll live to regret. Following these steps will help you to avoid some common pitfalls and will help you to make an educated decision for your business. Do your due diligence now and things will be smooth sailing when it’s time to deal with installations, repairs, and routine maintenance. Partner up with a great local HVAC company to get your commercial space all warm and toasty this winter!

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