Purified Water in your Home or Office: Missoula Water Quality

Clean, purified water is the most important utility in your home or workplace. From water softening systems to water treatment and filtration, make purified water a priority! Explore ways to improve the Missoula water quality that you’re drinking and washing with everyday.

Water Treatment: Improve your Missoula Water Quality

In Western Montana, the Missoula water quality is extremely hard. Most local wells produce clean and great tasting water, but this water may not be great for your body or the pipes running through your home or commercial space. Hard water takes a toll on your skin and hair, and can cause erosion to occur much faster.

Do you notice excessive scale and build up in your sinks and tubs? Does your hair feel sticky and skin feels itchy after a shower? Does your water have a distinct taste or smell? A softening system like EasyWater or WaterTech will drastically improve your Missoula water quality and solve these problems once and for all.

There are two main options that will improve the Missoula water quality in your home or place of business: EasyWater Salt-Free Treatment and WaterTech Softening System

1. EasyWater Salt-free Water Treatment

EasyWater is a forward-thinking innovative water treatment technology. EasyWater uses electronic frequencies to physically change the shape and charge of the minerals in your water, which prevents scale build-up. This salf-free water treatment option will noticeably improve the nature of your Missoula water quality. When Garden City Plumbing & Heating installs your EasyWater system, you will receive a 5-year warranty, a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, and a Water Heater Service Contract.

EasyWater Benefits:

  • Uses No Salt
  • Dramatically Increases Appliance Life
  • Saves Water & Energy
  • Saves on Soap & Detergent
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Low Energy Consumption

EasyWater Protects:

  • Water Piping System
  • Water Heaters
  • Showerheads
  • Dishwashers
  • Ice Makers
  • Open Loop Geo Thermals

missoula water quality

2. WaterTech Water Softening System

Another water softening system is WaterTech’s Reionator® system. Instead of using sodium chloride, these systems rely on potassium chloride during the brine backwash cycle. This potassium-based system treat’s your entire water system, from laundry and bathrooms to the kitchen and drinking water. Potassium also reduces the “slippery” feeling that most salt-based water softeners can cause during bathing. If you want to improve the Missoula water quality in your home, WaterTech is a very smart move.

WaterTech’s Smart Technology:

With the use of the Clack™ Triton® control valve, you get the softening control when you need it. The Triton® valve is a computer controlled valve that creates a user history in it’s memory. This smart technology works efficiently keeping enough treated water in store, according to your average usage each week. Also, it automatically tracks water usage history in sixty-day periods, giving you a better understanding of your usage. These advanced tools help to diagnose any water problems easily, even plumbing leaks. It’s a sustainable, modern approach to improving your Missoula water quality.

Point-of-Use Water Filtration

Do you avoid drinking your home’s water? Are you tired of hauling bottles of water from the store into your house? If the taste or smell of your water at home isn’t great, a point of use water filtration system could be the right choice for you. Depending on the nature of your Missoula water quality, there are many options available to you.

Here are two point-of-use water filtration options to improve your Missoula water quality:

1. Everpure Water Filtration

Garden State Plumbing & Heating is equipped to install Everpure’s cold and/or hot water filtration. A Chiller® unit will provide you with pure, great tasting cold water on demand. If you want easy access to filtered hot water for tea or for cooking, the Everhot® gets installed right under the kitchen sink. With the Everpure® H-104 carbon media filter, your mediocre tap water will be expertly filtered to give you great tasting, pure drinking water. About once a year, the disposable aluminum canister filter should be replaced to keep chlorine and lead out of your drinking water and maintain your level of Missoula water quality.

2. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

For adverse water conditions, a Reverse Osmosis system is another effective solution. This water filtering system relies on the use of multiple filters. First, the water passes though a pre-filter that takes out larger contaminants. Next, the water goes though a 5-micron filter to remove finer contaminants on it’s way to the R.O. filter. Reverse Osmosis is the use of a semi-permeable membrane. The water is forced though tiny holes which are only large enough for a water molecule to exit. This process strips everything away from the water molecules leaving only 100% pure clean water. It is then stored in a small holding tank due to slow speed of this process. The tank insures that you have all the purified water that you need, ready to go, regardless of your local Missoula water quality.

Bottle-free Water Coolers

If you’re still using a water cooler that involves lifting a heavy bottle on and off the unit, it’s time to upgrade! A bottle-free filter cooler is a better option for your home and office. This is the most eco-friendly, convenient way to keep high quality Missoula water in your home or office space.

Innowave Bottle-free Water Coolers

Garden City Plumbing & Heating has partnered with Innowave® to provide new, state-of-the-art water filtration coolers. The water runs through three separate filters on its way to a chilled storage tank. The unique Innowave® design uses ultra violet technology to treat the water inside of the stainless steel tank. While standard bottle coolers offer sterile bottles, there is no guarantee that the inside of the cooler is sterile. These bottle-free water coolers provide a more sanitary, more user-friendly option for safe drinking water.

For a monthly fee, your family or employees can enjoy an endless supply of hot and cold drinking water, minus the hassle of changing out those heavy bottles for fresh water.

Make your Missoula Water Quality a Priority!

You have a number of options for improving the Missoula water quality in your home or commercial space. Whether you invest in water treatment for your whole building, use a point-of-use water filter, or install a bottle-free water cooler for easy access, make your Missoula water quality a priority!