16 New Construction Services you should NEVER Do Yourself

It’s great to save money on your home when there’s something you can do yourself. If you’re a hands-on type of homeowner, DIY is your lifeblood. But before you start tinkering around, it’s helpful to know which projects are too big and too risky for DIY.

Justifiable Reasons to Hire a Pro for New Construction Services

Even if you do a great job on DIY projects and you like to get your hands dirty, there are many new construction services that aren’t cut out for everyday people. The benefits to hiring a professional can range from safety and abilities to timeliness and cost. The last thing you’ll want to do is get in over your head and spend a ton of your own time and money fixing something that could have been over and done with for much less.

Here are three common benefits to hiring a professional for new construction services:


Regardless of how strapped you are for cash or how ambitious you’re feeling, safety should ALWAYS come first. Choosing to take on new construction services and projects that you were not trained for can expose yourself and your family to avoidable dangers.


If you want your new construction services to be done to perfection and in a timely manner, hiring an expert is your safest bet. This will greatly decrease the likelihood of getting interrupted and leaving the job unfinished for weeks, or realizing there was a deeper problem, which causes you to stop working on it. A professional will see the job through from start to finish according to the timeline set. No surprises.

Cost Savings

As strange as it may seem, the job that you choose to take on yourself in an effort to cut cost may turn out to cost you more in the long run. Not only does a new construction services professional have access to wholesalers and bulk pricing, but you can trust that someone reputable will do the job right the first time. If you tackle a big project yourself, you might waste money buying the wrong thing or spending top dollar instead of ordering through an established professional. If you make a mistake, there’s more of your money going right out the window. Keep this in mind before you start.

New Construction Services

16 New Construction Services you should NEVER Do Yourself

Here is a list of specific new construction services and projects that most everyday people should avoid tackling themselves. Of course, there are exceptions. If you happen to be an industry professional or have a relative who is one and will help you, you might be able to handle it.

Still, keep in mind that a licensed company will be responsible for mistakes or unforeseen problems that arise and it will be covered under THEIR insurance. You won’t have that luxury when you do it yourself, so use caution.

1. Electrical work

Any work that involves playing around with electrical work is a DIY no-no. You won’t see the impending danger, but one wrong move can prove to be fatal. Do not risk electrocution. Statistics have shown that most building fires stem from faulty wiring. This is a dangerous job that must always be left to a professional electrician.

2. Roofing

Apart from the obvious fact that doing new construction services or repair work in high places is a danger in and of itself, any faulty work done on your roof poses a risk. Everything from minor leaks to roof collapse can and should be avoided. Besides, money that will be spent to repair damage may very well be more than the price you would pay to hire someone to fix it in the first place.

3. Plumbing

There is no fun in watching your toilet overflowing or coming home to a house drenched in water from a faulty pipefitting. Think of the potential damage that faulty plumbing work can cause. Not only the flooding, but also consider the development of mold, and all the damage to your property and possessions. Don’t try to do your own plumbing services. Plumbing problems like bathroom remodeling, septic tank repairs, water line and sewer pipe replacement are better left to the pros.

4. Heating

Installing your own heating system may put yourself and family in grave danger, hence it is certainly not a project that you should take on by yourself. Apart from running the risk of burning your house down, you can poison the air that you and your family are breathing. Fuel burning furnaces produce deadly carbon monoxide that can result in a disaster with the slightest mistake.

5. Air Conditioning

There are several reasons why you should stick with the professionals when installing or repairing an air conditioning system. These include the risk of:

  • Electrocution
  • Unclean air quality
  • Voiding your warranty
  • Paying more on your energy bills
  • Selecting an improper unit for the space

6. Tiling

Although there is not much danger involved in doing your own tiling, it will serve you better to hire a professional since tiling is not as easy as lining up a few tiles. It is a job that deals which much intricacy, especially around the edges. If you want to avoid wasted time, and you want your tiling to lay flat and be properly set, use a professional.

7. Floor Finishing

As simple as it may sound, sanding your floor requires an expert touch, since it is very easy to make mistakes. Making a mistake can simply be sanding one spot for too long or causing an uneven surface or a rough texture. So, even if you would have managed to secure a finishing machine for a reasonable cost, sanding and finishing a floor is not a DIY-worthy project.

8. Lead-based Paint Removal

Although it may not have been your crazy idea to use lead paint in your home in the first place, the fact still remains that lead paint exposure presents serious health concerns. Among these are hearing loss, kidney failure, headaches, anemia, and worse. Lead paint exposure is especially dangerous in young children. The cost for its removal is nothing compared to the dangers of being exposed to it, because you need this job done thoroughly to keep your family safe

9. Natural Gas Fireplace Installation

If you’re trying to save money on your home by doing your own natural gas fireplace installation, the irony is that you’re running the risk of an explosion or fire. If it is not installed with the utmost perfection, a tiny gas leak can eventually result in a pool of gas sitting around somewhere in your home, waiting to be ignited. The best thing to do is leave it to the pros.

10. Landscaping

While it’s perfectly fine to put down a few shrubs here and there, extensive landscaping should be left to an expert. This is because your landscape needs to be in keeping with city codes and a professional will know how to keep you from legal ramifications. Also, remember that pesticides and chemicals need to be use with care.

11. Large Tree Removal and Maintenance

As simple as it may sound, there are many things that can go wrong in the process of cutting down a tree or removing some branches. From damaging your fence to having it fall and crush you to death, the dangers involved with tree removal are numerous. Not a good fit for a DIY-er. Leave this kind of work to an experienced and agile tree-scaping professional and spare yourself the trouble and worry that comes with yelling “timber!”

12. Demolition

This is a no-brainer. Hire an expert when doing any demolition work. A contractor will know which walls and columns can be taken down without compromising the integrity of the structure. You also need to be aware of electrical wires and plumbing fixtures that will affect the rest of the home or building after the walls are demolished. Don’t try this on your own.

13. Pool Repair

Pool repair needs to be done by a professional for several reasons. Among these are the fact that the slightest mistake can cause the entire pool to collapse or put the users of the pool in danger. Whether you need to patch the lining or you have a problem with the filters or hoses, you don’t want to mess around with pool repairs on your own.

14. Siding installation and Repairs

Sidings have the potential to last a long time, as long as they are properly installed. Don’t run the risk of letting your sidings get ruined by harsh weather conditions. Even the frames of your house or building can get damaged when an amateur is working on installing or repairing your siding. Get professional construction services, instead.

15. Window Replacement

When replacing windows, there are special tools that should be used to ensure that windows are securely fastened and properly insulated. Without proper window installation, windows can fall out of the frame, not to mention exposing your home to wind, rain, heat, and cold. Don’t try this on your own.

16. Asbestos Removal

As with lead paint exposure, asbestos can cause severe health issues if inhaled. Among the issues are fibrotic lung disease and pleura. These conditions can severely impair respiratory function and lead to death. Removing substances like asbestos should be left to the experts. Protect your health and your family.

DIY should never pose health & safety risks, or wasted money

Before considering any Do It Yourself’ projects, it is necessary to weigh the risks involved and decide if it’s worth it. Ask yourself: Do I have the skills and the tools necessary for this project? What is the worst thing that can wrong? What is my Plan B? Take a wise approach to new construction services and repairs. Don’t let your love for DIY projects cost you wasted time or money, or health and safety. Use caution, and have fun with safe and manageable do-it-yourself projects!