New House Plumbing: What to Expect about Costs, Process, and Timeframe

Setting up new house plumbing in a home you’re building or renovating is a very big project! We want to prepare you with knowledge on costs, timeframe, and process before you hire a contractor for the job.

New house plumbing
New house plumbing

What is New House Plumbing going to Cost?

New house plumbing costs can vary just like any aspect of a building project. There are a few main factors that go into the estimates and actual costs of a new house plumbing project.

new house plumbing costs
New house plumbing costs

Size of the New House One of the top factors that goes into the cost figures for a plumbing project is the size of the building being constructed. As you can imagine, the larger the home, the more fixtures and pipes and vents and drains that will be needed. In addition, if the new house plumbing is going to multiple floors, that can add to the cost as well.

Type of Pipes and Plumbing Materials Used Plumbing can be installed using a variety of materials. The most common types of pipes in new houses are PEX plastic piping or copper piping. PEX and copper both have their pros and cons, but when it comes to the cost, PEX is cheaper. Discuss with your plumbing professional what they recommend based on your needs.

Fixtures for New House Plumbing New house plumbing costs also depend on the fixtures you choose. Toilets, sinks, showers, dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters all require specific fixtures and piping. New house plumbing costs can vary greatly depending on your appliances. Sometimes paying a little extra for a better fixture will save not only aggravation but cost of repairs when they last longer without needing repairs.

new house plumbing fixtures
new house plumbing fixtures

What Does New House Plumbing Include?

Plumbing is one of the most important systems in a house. Without it, you couldn’t take your morning shower, run the dishwasher or throw a load of laundry in the washer. When you hire a plumbing contractor to set up a plumbing system for your new house, there are three phases to the job.

1. Do a Rough-In for New House Plumbing One of the first phases in building a house after the framing is up is the plumbing rough-in. The main water lines are laid out, drains are set up and connected and fittings are put into place for sinks and tubs. Water supply pipes and drainage pipes and vents are also part of this phase for new house plumbing.

2. Set Fixtures for New House Plumbing Before the walls are completely framed, the largest fixtures like showers and bathtubs are usually set in order to make it easier to fit in before the frame blocks the way. Other fixtures like sinks and smaller pieces can be set after the framing.

3. Connect to the Water Supply and Drainage Systems After the rough-in and the largest fixtures are set, the walls can be drywalled and the floors can be installed. Then the smaller fixtures can be set and everything will be connected to both the water supply system and the drainage system for the house.

new house plumbing - connect to water source and drainage systems
new house plumbing – connect to water source and drainage systems

Who to Call for New House Plumbing Installation

Now that you have a better understanding of the costs and process for setting up new house plumbing, it’s time to hire professionals to do the work. Here are a few local Missoula plumbers to consider if you live in Missoula, Montana.

Garden City Plumbing and Heating

Contact the experts at Garden City Plumbing for fast service all hours of the day – even after hours when others are closed. The plumbing professionals at Garden City have offered full service construction work for almost 35 years specializing in all aspects of plumbing, heating and air conditioning.

Hellgate Plumbing and Heating

Hellgate Plumbing is another Missoula-based plumbing company that you could try for new house plumbing needs.

4G Plumbing in Missoula

Also located in Missoula, 4G Plumbing has services that span heating, cooling, plumbing and mechanical work.

new house plumbing company - free quote in Missoula MT
new house plumbing company – free quote in Missoula MT

Get a Free Quote from Garden City Plumbing

Call us at Garden City Plumbing & Heating or send a message for a free quote so you will know the cost and timeframes for your new house plumbing project. As the best contractor in Missoula area, we want to earn your business and make sure the process goes smoothly from start to finish!